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You should see a popup to show how we test messenger marketing. Very high conversion rates as it’s one click instead of a huge form.

Digital Marketing For Xero Accouting Partners

The SEO team at Online Marketing Guys have been testing out a number of SEO strategies to leverage the power of video marketing for page 1 rankings on Google, as well as driving valuable traffic to our client’s websites.

Video SEO is a very specialized field, one that we are thoroughly enjoying especially when we deliver results for our clients. We have been testing ranking videos for many years, in many different industries and we firmly believe we have struck gold for our clients.

How we ended up marketing in the accounting and finance niche:

We used to spend so much time on our accounting, invoicing and quoting that it felt like half our month was based on finances. We aren’t a massive corporate. We are a bespoke digital marketing company specializing in SEO and Paid Advertising services like Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Linkedin Ads and Google Adwords.

We shouldn’t be spending copious amounts of time on the financial aspect of the business although I am aware of how important it is. We have been using Xero Cloud Accounting software since February 2016 are beyond pleased with it. It has given us back our time and made managing our company finances a breeze. Thanks to Simon Magner from Iridium Business solutions, a Xero Gold Partner.

There I was discussing marketing strategies with Simon when he mentions that I should help out Xero Accountants around the world. It was a great idea particularly since I’m myself are a Xero client and have a good understanding of the software.

Marketing For Xero Accountants

I immediately decide that video marketing is the way to go. I start implementing a strategy I had been testing and within minutes I’m ranking videos on page 1 of Google. Literally, within 7 minutes it’s there (the screenshot below shows 1 hour because of my delayed screengrab)

Search Engine:

Keyword: Xero Partner Manchester

Video Ranking: Position 5

Click here for Live ranking:

Xero Partner Manchester page 1

Now I know that if I can get a video to page 1 of Google with my strategy then that would mean within a very short amount of time I could rank a clients website for that keyword as well, at the same time driving very targeted traffic to their site and generating highly qualified leads. You see, the video will have a direct link to the Xero Partners website as well and at the end of the day, my client will have multiple properties on page 1 for many different keywords.

We are able to do this in multiple countries:

Search Engine:

Keyword: Xero Accountants Cape Town

Video Ranking: Position 9

Click here for the Live ranking:

xero accountants cape town page 1

What you don’t see in this small graphic above is the actual organic listing just above the video. In this case, has the video on page 1, including the Google Ad and the organic listing. Three positions on page 1 of Google… Quite a good chance that someone will click through to their website and become a valuable client, isn’t there?

I’m busy recording some videos that I will be sure to post here shortly.

If you are a Xero Accountant and have any questions or would like to see more rankings and case studies then you can contact me here.

Before you go, if you happen to be in another industry and want to achieve these SEO results for your company then please get in touch with us. We have tested this strategy in multiple niches and are receiving similar results.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Pictures are powerful.  Researchers say the human brain processes a picture 60 000 times faster than words.  A complex thought can be communicated instantly; an expression, a colour, or a feeling.  How can you make this work for your business?


A complex or abstract message – whether it is product information or a new way of looking at the world — can be conveyed instantly in a picture.  It can literally take thousands of words to explain the same thing.  And all those words take time.  Long before your reader is finished reading those thousands of words, they have moved on.


How do you get people to read your information? How does yours stand out amongst the millions of pieces of information bombarding your reader?  The short answer is by being visual.


Information that is portrayed in the form of a picture is called an infographic.  It can include charts, icons, graphs, and pictures.  There are many different ways in which an idea can be conveyed in a way that is interesting and exciting.  It is only the imagination of the creator that limits what is possible.Have a look at our Content is king infographic  on this page –


The idiom says, “A picture is worth a thousand words”.  It is a way to portray your message and capture the attention of your reader.  To really appreciate this, it helps to spell out the power of the infographic.


6 Ways that pictures grab attention

How can the infographic help to reach your audience and convey your message?


1.Pictures grab attention
People are visual.  They are processing millions of pieces of data in every moment.  When presented with a picture, they will instantly process it and form an opinion.  Experts say that you have 8 seconds to capture the attention of a potential customer.   It makes sense to use a picture to do it.

2.Infographics raise brand awareness
When you create an infographic you can include your brand information.  This could include your name, logo, website, email or contact information.  It is an opportunity to get your information out there.

3.Infographics can go viral
Compelling pictures get shared.  People like to share interesting and clever pictures.  A powerful infographic can be syndicated and shared across many websites. It is linked backed to you so, when your contact details are displayed on the infographic, potential customers can easily find you.

4.Infographics can get you followers
Visual content stimulates much more interest than text.  An interesting picture generates “Likes” and is shared.  If you consistently create interesting visual content, people will follow you.  They will also share your content.  Infographics can be copied and shared easily by readers.  It is possible to embed code in the infographic in order that it will link back to your site.

5.Infographics are more universal than text
Pictures are universal.  They cut across cultural and language barriers.  They create connection, and they invoke the power of story telling.   The language of business is English.  Infographics, because of their visual content, are accessible to those for whom English is not their first language.  You can convey your message through the power of pictures.

6.Infographics can get your message across clearly
An infographic is a small, bite-size piece of information that is immediately understandable.  It makes things clearer for the reader.  Perhaps it gives a new perspective.  Most importantly, it needs to be relevant to the customer.

7.Infographics position you as an expert
The use of clever graphics and interesting perspectives illustrate to followers that you know what you are talking about.  It expresses to them that you understand the nuances of a subject.  It demonstrates that you are an authority.   People like to follow expert opinion, and they like to share this information.


Paint an appealing picture for your (potential) customers


It makes sense that you should present your information in the form of pictures.  Humans are essentially visual.  People love beautiful images.  With an infographic you can present information in such a way that it adds value to the reader.


The case for using infographics is well made.   But how do you make infographics?  Surely you need a background in design?  You must need expensive software packages and technical understanding.


Infographics can be very easy to create.  There are a number of applications that are easy to use.   They are often template-based and customisable.  They turn boring data into interesting and accessible snippets of information.  Many of these applications are free, or at least have a free version.


Don’t let your message get lost in a sea of words.  Make sure that your message stands out.  Most important of all, be relevant and add value to your reader.

Is Email Marketing Dying?

The short answer to this interesting question is: it depends who you ask. Some reports claim 108 billion emails are sent in the business world every day. By 2018, this figure is expected to be 145 million. Other reports tell us that email is declining year on year.  Messaging apps have grown exponentially in popularity, especially amongst users in the 13 to 25 age group.

There is an ongoing debate about whether the time of the email is over. Many small businesses are reporting, however, that email marketing remains one of their most effective means of communication with customers.

Maybe the question we need to ask is what is email marketing good for – what can it do for us? And how should it be used?

What is email marketing good for?

1.Email marketing helps you develop a relationship and build trust

Email marketing enables your clients and potential customers to get to know you. The tone of your message, the content of your email, the way it is presented, all tell your customer something about you. It is a way to build credibility with the customer.

2.Email marketing assists in increasing sales

Email is a cost-effective way of getting a message out to your customer. You can easily craft an email about a special offer, competition or campaign. Many companies report that when business is slow, email is an effective way of drumming up some business.

3.Email marketing is responsive

With email it is easy to test what works. The results are immediate and direct.  Based on the response you receive, you can tweak your message.

4.An Email can reach any device

Email helps you take advantage of mobile technology. Approximately two-thirds of all emails are opened on a mobile device. Email is not limited to a particular device, technology, or application. All smart phones can access email.

5.Email Marketing helps to generate leads

Not everyone that gives you their email address is a customer, or is ready to be a customer. They may want more information, and to get to know you and your product better first.  Email Marketing enables you to provide this. Your potential customer can sound you out first and, after some interaction, convert to a customer.


It is a privilege to have the personal email of a customer or a potential customer. If they have provided it to you, they have given you permission to come right into their inbox.  You have the opportunity to deliver your message directly to them. This is not an opportunity to be squandered!

Your potential customer can just as easily revoke this right. They can opt out of receiving your messages, unsubscribe, or relegate you to the spam folder. You need to use their address with care so that you can gain the advantages of email.

How can you make sure that your email is received, and read, and produces the result you are looking for?

How should you use email?

1.Be mobile ready

You already know that two-thirds of emails are opened on a mobile device.  Are your emails tailored for mobile?  Do they read easily on a small screen?  Are they laid out in a user friendly way?  Is it easy to navigate through your email?  Does your email link through to a landing page on your website?  Does your email facilitate an immediate conversion, such as a checkout for an online sale?

All of these questions need to be answered to ensure that you are making good use of your opportunity.

2.Be relevant

Don’t inundate your potential customer with information that is not relevant nor valuable to them. You have a unique opportunity of speaking directly to them.  One size does not fit all. Make sure that your message is crafted for your target group. Make sure that it is timeous. Makes sure that it is relevant.

3.Let your customer choose

Listen to what your customer wants, and give them that. Let them choose how frequently they want to hear from you. Let them tell you what they want to hear about.  Continually give them the option to stop receiving your mails. In this way you will know that those receiving your emails want to get your emails. Email then becomes a valuable communication channel for you.


For the moment email marketing is still very much here. Collaboration tools and messaging apps have grown in popularity and reach, but email remains a very effective way to communicate with your customer. Get in Touch with us for some more tips on Email Marketing.

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