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Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing can have many different meanings to people. These can include, mobile SEO, sms marketing, mobile display ads, mobile apps and QR codes.

95% of all mobile internet searches are requests for local business information i.e. “your service in cape town”, “your product in pretoria”. If your website is not mobile enabled you have lost that potential client.

  • Google spent $750 million to acquire Admob, one of the largest advertising networks that specializes in delivering ads to mobile devices. (Apple also bid to acquire Admob and was outbid by Google. Shortly thereafter, they created their own mobile advertising platform, iAd)
  • Apple now call themselves a Mobile company, not a Computer company anymore.
  • Millions of websites have gone “Mobile Friendly” in their design. (Mobile Facebook users has reached (and surpassed) 150 million)
  • The “average” person is said to look at their mobile phone 37 times a day. (We think it’s more than that.)
  • The Mobile population is now 5x bigger than the Internet population (meaning you have a chance to get in front of a much larger audience)
  • The “open rate” on text messages (aka SMS) is 5x higher than the open rate on emails. (while we are still big proponents of email marketing, it is easier to get your marketing messages seen when they are sent as text messages.

Are you seeing the trend?

Companies, both big and small, are investing their time and efforts into expanding the “mobile device” market and the more this occurs, the more opportunity you have to get in front of your targeted audience.

Online Marketing Guys will impliment a mobile marketing driven strategy.

  1. Research your target audience
  2. Customize a strategy
  3. Build your mobi site
  4. Drive traffic
  5. Generate more leads
  6. Make more sales
Building a mobile website
  1. Typically the site will be built on a sub domain loaded on your website i.e. –
  2. Any amount of pages and features available. Loading speed needs to be considered.
  3. Redirect script installed on your original website (anyone visiting your website from a mobile device will automatically direct to your mobile website)
  4. Pages to choose – home, about us, contact us form, services, opening hours, google maps integration (location), testimonials, FAQ, special offers, events, social media, coupons/incentives and more
  5. By far the strongest feature is an Instant click to call button. You no longer have to lose visitors as they can call you instantly. The don’t have to run around looking for a pen to write down your number.

Mobile Website Design Examples 



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