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O’myMail – Email Marketing

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You need an affordable, comprehensive, email based direct marketing channel that’s optimized for your business every time you click send.

Introducing O’myMail, an awesome person to person marketing tool that is so remarkably simple and versatile but also effective, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself. Especially considering the amount of emails your business sends out daily, monthly or yearly.

O’myMail can transform any organization into a valuable, working sales force with every email sent as part of what they are already doing and adding no effort to this great marketing strategy.


1. Drive traffic to specific areas of your website 

  • Link to an area of your website you want to promote or create special landing pages.
  • Drive traffic to other places of interest or targeted parts of your website.

2. 2. Drive more sales through your email

  • Launch new products via your email.
  • Drive traffic and display special offers that target campaign landing pages.

3. Perform dynamic, interactive marketing

  • Use the ‘automatic banner rotation’ function to display a variation of interactive marketing banners for every email sent.
  • Use the ‘banner library code’ to target specific domains using specific banners or certain recipients.
  • Using your email signature or email footer you can market various products or services.

4. Drive press releases, news and dynamic content

  • Highlight breaking news with banner inserts and link to article.
  • Make your email recipients focus on news by highlighting breaking news with promotive banners and links to articles.

5. Grow your social networks

  • Grow your Twitter following by feeding tweets to your email.
  • Grow your Twitter audience by providing your email with updated feeds of your Twitter account.
  • Link to your Facebook page and grow your audience and fan base, draw traffic to your video montage on Youtube.


Brand Awareness

Position your brand with our O’myMail banner service for effective brand marketing and awereness.


Use live multimedia marketing branding to display and promote events and promotions or captive your audience with beautifully crafted trackable calls to action that links to your website or blog.


Display links to popular videos, multimedia, images or audio and influence decision makers with your branding.


Use O’myMail’s integrated RSS feature to incorporate your website or blog’s RSS feed into your everyday mail.
Use O’myMails RSS feature to feed links of events, interviews, local news or happenings in the region from your blog or website to your everyday email, automatically.


Include links to whatever you want to promote, whether it be packages or special offers, target specific pages of your website with your campaign information.


Complete the social media circle and grow your social network by driving email traffic to your social media profiles.


With O’myMail’s signature manager you can work wonders and display links to affiliates or other associations and partners.

How many emails do you send at work every day?

By doing the math you will see that you probably send around 1000 emails every month and that by the end of the year you could of sent around 10,000 emails.

Then think if you send out that many emails a month or a year, think about your entire company and how many emails they will send out every year to customers, potential customers and business partners.

Even a small company with as little as 10 employees has the potential to send out at least 100 000 emails per year and that is the number of marketing opportunities that could potentially be customers that currently is being wasted.

O'myMail - Email Marketing Solution

How you can benefit:

85% of all business communications happen through email.
Despite this fact companies still spend their marketing budget on the other 15%. Why?

O’myMail has a 9% click through rate.
Giving a optimum return on investment.

500 hours spent by staff sending and receiving email per year.
Your staff spend at least 500 hours a month communicating with prospective clients, consumers and suppliers.

99% Average open and delivery rate of everyday email.
Email has the highest of any media channel uptime and delivery rate because users place such a high priority on direct email communication.

What can it do for you:


  • Advertiser

  • Contact Manager

  • Lead Generator
  • Traffic Driver

  • Sales Booster

  • Product Launcher

  • Press Distributor

  • Survey Manager

  • Brand Builder


  • Multiple Links
  • Brand per Sender

  • Receiver

  • Keyword

  • Click Alerts

  • Scheduling

  • Dynamic Disclaimers

  • V-card Download

  • RSS Feeds

  • Active Directory

  • CRM


  • Facebook
  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn

  • Youtube

  • Flickr

  • Google+

  • Pinterest

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