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Optimize your Website Visibility

With an ever changing search engine landscape, optimizing websites for Organic rankings has become a science as well as a creative literary environment. Google for instance is now taking semantic structure of wording (meaning of words) into consideration which means that old style search optimization as we have known for many years has changed phenomenally.

We no longer write keyword rich paragraphs structured towards what Google used to use to rank a website on page 1. Instead we presently write content that is readable and captivating with intention to provide answers and solutions for what the person is searching for. Google tracks people’s clicks and views and gauges whether the search result was in fact what the person was searching for. If the viewer quickly closes the page and searched again, Google flags those sites and marks them down over time, assuming that the content wasn’t related to the search where they were found.

With this in mind we aim to create unique content that ranks well with its related keywords and combination, while keeping the potential customer interested in what they are viewing through well designed info-graphics and design.


We do a full website audit and predetermine where any problems may be within the design, content and structure. Read more


SEO strategies depend on your business, your market reach and prospective new markets not yet covered in your old strategy. We gauge what your competition is doing online. We analyse where their strengths and weaknesses are in their marketing and we capitalize on opportunities that are discovered in our analysis. Read more


Is your website providing answers and giving your visitors the information they are searching for? If you are not getting enquiries chances are your potential customers are visiting, reading, clicking perhaps once or twice, and proceeding back to Google for more answers. Read more


In the internet marketing environment, the conversion rate is the amount of people visiting your website who take action comparing with those that do not trigger a goal. The conversion rate is affected by the quality of your content and consequent calls to action that are strategically placed to capture the viewer’s attention and interest. Read more



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