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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is no longer a buzz word. If large brands like Coca Cola, BMW, News24 and more are pushing a large portion of their marketing spend towards social media then we’d better pay attention.

You might have been wondering for a while now on how to increase your market share of customers with today’s increased economic pressure on businesses in general. Well, look no further than your computer as studies show the remarkable preference of your clients to connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and other significant social media sites like Linkedin and pinterest.

Benefits of Social Media:

  • Increase your brand and raise awareness
  • Clients giving permission for you to market to them
  • Clients now in your sales funnel
  • Subtle push of your products and services
  • Two way communication channel
  • Growth of client loyalty and trust
  • Express interest in your clients opinion
  • The ease of clients to Share your content with their network
  • Great way to conduct market research
  • Establish yourself as an expert
  • Build a close network of interested people
  • Word of mouth marketing
  • And a very important one – Enhances your SEO campaign

If Google launches their own social network, Google Plus then we’d better pay attention. Social referral links are clearly playing a large role in the rankings of websites in Google’s search engine therefor we should be using our social media profiles to share content from our websites that are sticky enough for our network to share with their networks.

We offer:

  • Custom blog creation and installation
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Custom designed facebook business pages
  • Facebook apps
  • Custom designed youtube channels
  • Custom designed twitter channels
  • Optimised pinterest channel
  • Optimised social channels for local search
  • Promotional video creation

Our Social Media Management Services:

  • Content creation
  • Content distribution
  • Daily update management
  • Spam deletion
  • Friend/unfriend
  • Online Reputation Management
  • and more



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