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What Content Marketing is NOT

Content marketing is a highly important and valuable tool to have in your marketing arsenal, as traditional marketing methods are becoming less effective and successful. Before we delve a little deeper into what content marketing is not, we will first answer the question of what content marketing is. What is Content Marketing? Content marketing is, […]

How to use your competitors to improve your SEO strategy

Let’s face it, the world of online marketing is cut-throat and the old adage of “keep your friends close, but your enemies closer” is one that can be highly beneficial for those looking to improve their own SEO strategy! Original thinking in the marketing industry is of huge value, but learning from your competitors can […]

Test Brochure Download

You should see a popup to show how we test messenger marketing. Very high conversion rates as it’s one click instead of a huge form.

Digital Marketing For Xero Accouting Partners

The SEO team at Online Marketing Guys have been testing out a number of SEO strategies to leverage the power of video marketing for page 1 rankings on Google, as well as driving valuable traffic to our client’s websites. Video SEO is a very specialized field, one that we are thoroughly enjoying especially when we […]

A picture is worth a thousand words

Pictures are powerful.  Researchers say the human brain processes a picture 60 000 times faster than words.  A complex thought can be communicated instantly; an expression, a colour, or a feeling.  How can you make this work for your business?   A complex or abstract message – whether it is product information or a new […]

Is Email Marketing Dying?

The short answer to this interesting question is: it depends who you ask. Some reports claim 108 billion emails are sent in the business world every day. By 2018, this figure is expected to be 145 million. Other reports tell us that email is declining year on year.  Messaging apps have grown exponentially in popularity, […]

7 secrets of a successful landing page

First things first. Before you can unveil the secrets of what makes a landing page successful, be sure you are clear on what a landing page is. A landing page is not simply any web page that you may “land” on. Rather it is a page that has been created with a specific and single […]

7 Indicators That Your Content Marketing Is Working

Content Marketing is a way of communicating and interacting with your client, customer or potential customer without trying to directly sell to them.  The purpose of content marketing is to attract and retain customers.  This is done by providing them with valuable, interesting and free content. Content marketing educates your client.  It gives you a […]

Online Video Creation and Marketing Services Added

In the digital marketing world the buzz words going around at the moment are “content marketing”, “content is king”, “video engagement”, “visual content” for example. There are many more but it’s very clear that Video marketing is extremely engaging. Brands and small businesses using video for marketing messages, product and service descriptions, testimonials and explainers […]

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