4 Ways to share your images on Social Media sites

Craig Hoggins
November 14, 2012
Social Media

Importance of images on Social Media

They say a picture is worth a thousand words – but when you think about it, it is worth a lot more than that when you consider what a picture means when it comes to social media trends.
Importance of images on Social Media

Sometimes the picture needs no words on sites like Pinterest, Instagram and even Facebook and Twitter. A well-placed picture speaks endless volumes for a business owner who wants to communicate his social message. Pictures are not only popular because social media sites make them out to be like that, but they are also popular because they are much easier to share than a long write up. Marketing is all about communicating the message of the company, and by using images, it has never been easier!

Here are some ways you can engage with your clients by using images:

Share images of community work you do. Does your business have something special you believe no one else can offer their clients and you want to share it with the whole world? Take pictures of these unique things you offer to your clients and post this for your fans to see and share. It doesn’t even have to be about your company, as long as the company was involved, like an event or maybe you did something for your community. You share the images to create awareness about your involvement. Clients love to have an inside look into your business, that will create trust between you and your client. Combine images with text – a great way to get your fans involved is to share some images with missing text and ask them to fill in the text in the comment boxes and share with their friends. Like two people talking to one another, the one is making a statement then the other has an empty bubble above its head – now your fans can suggest what that person would have been saying. It is all about interacting with your fans in the end.

Infographic shares easy on social media sites. Instead of writing a whole article about a great concept or idea you have, try illustrating your idea in graphic form. These illustrations, I have come across quite a few and seems they are very popular on blogs, Facebook, Pinterest and even Twitter as users share these easily if it is really well illustrated and informative. Just remember, when you upload the image to Facebook or any other social media, it will come out really small if the images are long, which it usually is, so always accompany the graphic with the URL in the comment box, this will tell the user where you have placed the full-size image to download. Remember also, any graphic or illustration you do for your company must be branded with your logo and website URL somewhere within the image.

Show off your products on social media sites. Take professional pictures of your products! If your business sells a variety of products, ensure that you get a professional photographer that will best display each and every product on your catalogue. Think of new creative ways to capture your product. You will find great ideas on Pinterest to see which type of product pictures gets shared most. Open your own account on Pinterest as it is a great place to make your products visible online, you can then link between Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest – making Pinterest like your own personal catalogue. These are just some of the ways that you can put your photos to good use in Online Marketing. Don’t be scared to ask people to share your images. Make sure that you use your main keywords in the alt tags when you upload images to social media sites, wherever you can.


In what ways are you using images to do the talking for your business?

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