What can an Online Marketing Company do for you?

Craig Hoggins
June 1, 2011

How we grow businesses online

In part 1 of this series of articles, I go into detail of what an Online Marketing Company should be doing for you. Online marketing is the way of the future and that is a fact. Gone are the days of telephone cold calling and yellow pages.
Online Marketing Company

We are in the generation where we can market online which has major advantages and benefits to your business and most importantly to you. An online marketing company will slash your marketing costs and will create a presence over the internet where your product or services will expand and your brand will be virally spread everywhere. Your business will be found by people like never before! Has do we do this?    

Business Development – an evaluation is needed to determine how to maximize the full potential and capacity of your business. A unique online marketing strategy (blueprint) will be presented to you on how to generate leads which will turn into sales. This assessment will give clarity on the countless possibilities to which online marketing can help your business grow and grow and explode. It’s important for you to see how this will be done so training will be given as well. The consultative approach to marketing is imperative so you are not left in the dark.    

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – SEO is the process by which we optimize your website so it is "ready" to be marketed and ranked highly in the search engines. The main objective is to get your website on page one on Google which is the most utilized search engine worldwide. It’s a known fact that searchers will only look on page one, very few continue to page two and above. What’s the point of having a website if no-one can find you? We want to get your customers clicking on your website and walking through your "online" shop door! The more traffic you get the more sales you generate. This of course if your website has been optimized for conversions. The process of SEO creates links to your website, which will increase the popularity. This means your website will have various content related web properties pointing to your website, making your brand well known and famous in cyberland!    

Google Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) – PPC also known as Google Adwords is buying traffic to your website by creating ads that feature on Google. It costs nothing to have your ad appear but when your ad gets clicked on you pay Google a fee which depends on your keyword popularity and the activity of the searches and the number of competitors bidding on that keyword. A monthly budget will be needed and the best possible keywords will be used. Proper keyword research needs to be conducted. In part 2 we will be discussing how an Online Marketing Company should be using Video and Articles as part of your Online Marketing Strategy.

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