What is remarketing and why you should use it

Craig Hoggins
April 6, 2016

How remarketing can benefit your business

You have attracted someone to visit your website. They click on a few pages. They are interested. Maybe they place something in their shopping cart or click on your call to action button and then they leave without converting. Never to be seen again.
What is remarketing and why you should use it

A prospect has shown interest in you once. Your chance of converting them to a user or customer is now much greater. That is if you can present them with your information again. Enter “remarketing”. Remarketing enables you to reach people that have previously visited your site. You can display targeted adverts to these people wherever they are on the Internet. When they search for related terms or products, your advert can be displayed to them. And the advert can be very specific to them; based on the pages they have looked at.

How does Remarketing Work?

Remarketing works very simply. A piece of code, or simple tracking pixel, is added to your website. When a prospect visits your site, their details are added to your remarketing list. They are then followed wherever they go on the Internet. Next time they search for a product or term related to you, your advert could be placed before them. Why should you use Remarketing?

Here are 5 excellent reasons why you should be using remarketing:

  1. Only 5% of first-time visitors convert to users immediately does this occur?  It happens for a number of reasons. Your visitor could still be in the research phase of their purchase. An immediate purchase is not what they are looking for. Perhaps they are not yet familiar with your brand. They are uneasy about signing up straight away.  Whatever the reason, if given another chance, you could possibly convert them, given enough time or exposure.
  1. Win over your customer by showing another side of you. There was a reason you did not convert a visitor the first time around. Remarketing is a chance to tell them something else about you that could lead to a conversion. Your advert could be a testimonial. It could be an award you have received.  It can contain a subtle change from what you told them before. It is an opportunity to get their attention.
  1. Remarketing clicks are cheap. Keywords can be expensive. The lowest amount you will pay for a keyword is 5c. In highly competitive industries, you could pay as much as R200 and up. Remarketing clicks are much cheaper. They can be anywhere between two to a hundred times cheaper. You will pay a fraction of the price you paid originally. And you have another chance to convert someone that has already shown an interest.
  1. You can increase your brand awareness. Remarketing gives you a chance to build your brand. Your visitor may not be ready to convert the first time they visit you, but you want them to remember you. In a remarketing advert, you can use various visual elements that are more effective than text. When they are ready for a purchase, you want your brand to be the first they think of.
  1. Get up close and personal. Remarketing gives you an opportunity to have a one-on-one interaction with your potential customer. You have learned something about them based on how they behaved on your website. In real time, by tailoring an advert especially for them, you can present them with exactly what they are looking for.

How should you use Remarketing?

- The short answer is, with finesse.
- You cannot wield remarketing like a cudgel and expect good results.
- Don’t bombard your potential customer on every related website they visit.
- When you do display your advert, display it only once or perhaps twice.
- Consider how frequently a person wants to see something before they get advert fatigue, and are put off forever.
- Consider too the timing of your advert.
- If your prospect has just bought a pizza, they are not going to buy another one today.
- If your product is seasonal there is no point in presenting your advert months before it will be available.
- Rather, let your advert appear as the time for that product draws near.

At present Facebook and Google Display Network offer the greatest reach for your remarketing efforts. Statistics provided by Facebook show that they have 1.4 billion users, and 900 million of those use Facebook every day. And Google tells us their Display Network reaches 90% of all Internet users, 65% of which they reach daily. Remarketing gives you a (good) second chance. It could be just the solution you need to up your conversion rate. Want more information? Get in touch

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