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Pay Per Click Advertising – PPC

Pay Per Click Advertising is a method of advertising in which advertisers only pay when someone clicks on your ad. When a user performs a search in Google they land up on a search results page where your ads can be shown, this is commonly known as Paid Search Advertising using Google Adwords. Other search engines would be Bing and Yahoo for instance.

How does Pay Per Click advertising work?

Advertisers bid on specific keywords that is relevant to their business in order for their ads to appear only when a user types in a search term that contains those specific keywords in Google. These ads appear on the top, sides and bottom of the search result pages and is usually highlighted in a light pink background commonly known as Sponsored Ads.

PPC is a very successful form of advertising when done correctly and can be very profitable. When a user performs a search related to your keyword, your ad immediately enters into a live auction to determine your ads position or whether your ad will even be shown at all.That’s were we come in. To ensure the success of your campaign, we do in-depth research of your market by means of keyword research, set up your campaign accordingly and monitor your keyword and data performance by means of examining your keyword quality score, clicks, impressions, cost per click and conversions, helping you maximise ROI and achieve your business goals.

Apart from Google search you can drive traffic from the content network, also known as display advertising.

You can also chose to have cost per thousand (cpm) instead of cost per click. Once your campaign has been running and received conversions then you can run a cost per conversion campaign.

Benefits of PPC

  • Instant Traffic when campaign is activated
  • Reach the audience you want
  • Highly Targeted & Quality Traffic
  • Testing, Tracking and measurement
  • Maximising ROI (return on investment)
  • Optimisation
  • Speed & Visibility

Three reasons why PPC might work for you

  • Transparent
  • Controlled
  • Measurable

PPC Case Study

This Case Study shows how we generated over 390 leads bringing in a 3400% return on investment for one of our clients. View Case Study

Right now we have a few FREE Google Adwords vouchers. Each voucher is valued at R600 which can be used towards your advertising budget. Request a quote  and  mention the voucher to receive a R600 voucher when signing up. Limited vouchers available or alternatively take advantage of our free Google Adwords traffic estimate report.



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