Case Study

Debt Therapy

As the first company in South Africa to offer Debt Counselling after the National Credit Act was implemented in 2007, Debt Therapy tasked OMG with developing on-going Lead Generation and Adwords Campaigns.


Debt Therapy had reached a plateau with the number of leads they were generating based on their online strategy at the time. Their goal was to find solutions to increase the number of daily leads without increasing their Lead Generation and Adwords spend.


Relying heavily on Google Adwords campaigns to drive traffic to their website and generate leads, Debt Therapy was not seeing the kind of returns expected, meanwhile their advertising spend was increasing.

After some initial research, it was clear the existing campaigns were limited in their scope and a fresh approach was required to expand the reach beyond the current audience base. The challenge was to implement effective strategies to increase the number of enquiries while lowering advertising costs.

Our Solution

By developing customer avatars and personas, it became clear that people in debt are private and although often conducting research during work hours, many potential customers would forget which websites they had visited. The first solution was to implement remarketing campaigns multiplying the number of times we were visible to potential audience members.

A website audit of the customer experience journey made it clear that users were getting lost among the clutter of information. The second solution was to build goal-focussed landing pages to highlight the necessary information allowing users to more fully understand the service offering and benefits.


Conversion rates jumped from 7% to over 15% resulting in more than double the amount of leads. Cost per click of campaigns was simultaneously lowered reducing the overall advertising spend. With higher conversion rates and lower costs per click, Debt Therapy was very happy with the results and chose Online Marketing Guys to be their on-going digital partner.

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