Case Study

Mega Doors

One of the largest window and door manufacturer and suppliers in South Africa, Mega Doors has two retail stores in the Western Cape region and required a revamp of their online presence.


Mega Doors needed to increase the number of enquiries from their website and get more people to visit their retail stores. There was no cohesive digital marketing strategy and their online presence was limited to a website.

OMG developed a holistic digital strategy which has since resulted in over 500 leads generated each month.


Operating for over 17 years, Mega Doors had no clear system to define how customers were finding their business. There were no analytics in place and the main form of advertising was weekly newspaper ads. There was no way to measure the effectiveness or ROI of their existing advertising methods.

The challenge was to build a measurable and cohesive digital strategy while increasing leads.

Our Solution

The first task was to design and develop a new Ecommerce-ready website that promoted the brand, service and product offering. While the website was in development we built lead generation landing pages and drove traffic from Google Adwords and Facebook ads.

Keyword research was conducted and an SEO strategy was implemented which immediately started ranking the website in organic search results. All conversions are now seamlessly tracked including call tracking which allows for better ad and keyword optimization. All leads can now be tracked and a clearer picture has emerged allowing for an even deeper dive to iterate and improve our service offering for even greater results.


Today Mega Doors is the Number 1 ranking website in Google for the search term "Doors Cape Town" which has resulted in a remarkable 143% increase in organic traffic year on year.

Online Marketing Guys has generated well over 4 500 leads over a 12 month period, an immense result which makes us and our client super happy.

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