Are Facebook likes enough to make more sales?

Craig Hoggins
December 14, 2011
Social Media

What your Facebook page should be doing

It hit me this morning how soooooo many people are focussed on getting facebook likes but CLEARLY don't have any sort of strategy in place to drive valuable traffic and turn those "likes" into sales, leads or bookings.
Are Facebook likes enough to make more sales?

Facebook is social and so is your facebook business page but at what point do you turn and how do you turn socializing into growth on your bottom line? If all you are doing is growing "likes" and aren't actually directing that traffic anywhere then your Facebook business page is not doing what it should be doing. So what should your Facebook page be doing?

  1. Open a communication channel socially
  2. Build trust
  3. Build credibility
  4. Ask questions to learn more about your prospects and clients
  5. Demo product and/or services
  6. Drive Traffic to your sales funnel
  7. Make Sales

Have you thought about how you are actually going to do point 6 and 7 above? Loading photo's, mentioning other people, brands, pages and sharing links from other peoples content is definitely not going to do this. What is your content strategy? Where are you sending the people that visit your page to? When do you put your business hat on and START SELLING?

If all you want to do is be social and drive "likes" on your facebook page then stop right now because you are wasting precious time and money on a marketing/sales tool that is not serving you so Take a step back. Before you even consider any social media platforms decide what your content distribution channel is going to be and work from there because ultimately you need to drive the traffic from your social media platforms to a place that covers the more serious side of your business which is the reason why you're in business in the first place, to make sales. It becomes exhausting trying to get through to people.  

"Likes" are for the egotistical business owners. Quality "likes" are for building quality business relationships and driving sales. Stop chasing the "likes" and start with the people that already "like" you and direct them to place subtly that fulfils their need and grows your bottom line.

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