Our 2012 end of year function

Craig Hoggins
December 12, 2012

To an unforgettable year end function!

Thank you Opportunity Group for giving us a Year-End never to forget. Was thoroughly enjoyed by all!
An unforgettable year end function
De Grendel Wine Estate

The Scene:

Few places on earth offer such a spectacular outlook. Nestled atop Tygerberg Hill, surveying its surrounds with unparalleled 270 degrees panoramics, De Grendel showcases Table Mountain, the city of Cape Town and the seaboard all in one landscape.

The Crowd:

25 Good looking men and women ready to have a good time after a year of hard work and dedication. Upon arrival at the estate, we were welcomed with bubbling glasses of champagne on the porch. Waiting for everyone to arrive we took in the beautiful scenery while catching up with those in the office you never really get to talk to.

De Grendel Wine Estate

Once everyone was there and we each had a glass and a half it was time to move inwards where our beautiful long white table decorated with Christmas crackers were waiting together with a HUGE pile of gifts we couldn't wait to open! The menu was blessed with the most delicious options to choose from - Risotto, Springbok, Fillet and Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate. Once the starters were ordered, we each received a number and started opening your presents in numerical order. There was however 1 present that got stolen from one person to the next and was probably the hardest one to let go of...

De Grendel Wine Estate
De Grendel Wine Estate

Crackers got cracked, Mains and desserts were enjoyed together with some fabulous wine from the estate - this was a table you really wanted to be at. Must have been the envy of all others in the venue. Seems we always end up being the life of the party - with staff like we have, you would not expect anything less. Moving outside, now came the time for picture snapping and posing from every angle imaginable.

De Grendel Wine Estate
De Grendel Wine Estate
De Grendel Wine Estate

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