What you need to know about Facebook pages timeline

Craig Hoggins
March 30, 2012
Social Media

How will Facebook's landscape affect you?

The ever-changing landscape of Facebook affects us all today 30 March 2012 when they change ALL Facebook business pages to the new timeline. You might ask how this will affect you?
What you need to know about Facebook pages timeline

If you’ve visited your page recently you would’ve seen a notification at the top of your page to “preview” what it will look like when the change takes effect. There are many positive effects and some negative. All the apps that have been loaded on your page especially the “gateway” page to force the like will disappear. There is however a way to still capture the lead/like. As you can see from the image below taken of our own Facebook page, the call to action “lead generation” app sits below the main cover image. If you don’t see it you will have to rearrange your apps so that they become visible. Only 4 will be visible but it’s important to note that you can’t move the photos app so really only 3 are visible.

The cover image is obviously very important for branding and credibility purposes so you should work on this straight away but PLEASE NOTE - Facebook announced that under no circumstances will call to actions be allowed in the cover image. Another positive feature is the ability to Highlight/Pin posts to the top of the page. This again can be used as a “call to action”. You need to take action ASAP as there will be no warning and your page will automatically change to the new timeline. Should you not have your cover image and apps in place then you could potentially be losing out on valuable leads and most importantly have a page that looks unprofessional. Good luck and have fun. If you have any questions or need some advice then feel free to email me or give me a call.

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