Use Facebook Messenger to deliver your Wi-Fi password for your business

Craig Hoggins
January 3, 2019
Social Media

Use Facebook Messenger to deliver wi-fi passwords and build your list

In this blog post, I will be talking about how you can use Facebook Messenger to deliver your Wif-Fi password for your business.
Facebook messenger

This is ideal if you're a restaurant, a coffee shop or you own some sort of a venue, establishment, a bar, a club or anything like that where you need to give your Wi-Fi password away from time to time.

So we all know typically what a QR code is right? It's a code that is programmed to either a video or a product. You can do anything with it and we’re familiar with it. To use this, all you have to do is, take your phone and scan the code and it might launch a video or whatever the case may be. Now Facebook Messenger has got something similar. It’s called a Facebook Messenger code that you can scan and then it will launch Facebook Messenger. We build the chatbot, an automated chatbot that is tied in with this code that a human can communicate with.

Facebook Messenger code basically looks like this:

Craig Messenger WiFi

You are welcome to change the icon in the middle to your company logo, an image of yourself, or whatever you prefer.

So opening the conversation, it starts by saying, “Hi Craig, I'm your friendly Wi-Fi bot. You requested the Wi-Fi password, right?" The user then clicks on the button saying, “Yes please.” The chatbot then says, “Perfect, the Wi-Fi password is wififorfree." (Remember this is all happening on automation). The chatbot then says, “Craig quick question, do you want the inside scoop and special vouchers to spend from time to time?” The chatbot will give them an option between “Not really” or “I Love Free Stuff!” The chatbot then moves onto say, "Awesome all you need to do is share this Wi-Fi chatbot with friends and we will keep you up to date."

So typically you're going to want to share the chatbot, because this is a whole new experience for you. The person will get to share this chatbot and choose which friends that they would like to share it with. Once you have shared this chatbot with your friends, they will get a message saying, “Hey your friend shared this with you, because they feel you worthy of having a free drink or free coffee at our coffee shop! Would you like a free drink at a coffee shop?” Once they click on the button that says, “Yes please,” they will begin to have the same interaction with the chatbot as you did.

Its super, super powerful and ultimately what you are doing is you're building subscribers for your business and let's not forget the Messenger open rates!

ManyChat is where you would manage your chatbots and where we typically build these little chatbots for our clients. The ManyChat platform allows us to send bulk messages to people all in one go. So they would have an interaction with a chatbot that you would have built through that bulk message in a similar way. It's a two-way conversation that starts happening, not a one-directional or a conversation that you'd have like with SMS or with email and the open rates are through the roof! Engagement rates are through the roof and it's beyond exciting!

This is the future, it's why we are spending a lot of time here at Online Marketing Guys, our agency. Facebook is a very powerful way to generate leads so, of course, we are still doing our Google Ads and all of our other stuff, but we are bringing this in at the same time, but this is not about an advertising campaign, this is about building free subscribers by giving away Wi-Fi password which costs you nothing really.

Super powerful so I hope you’ve enjoyed this little quick demonstration of how to use Facebook Messenger code to build subscribers and give away a Wi-Fi password. You can give away anything, I'm just giving that example in these specific industries.

I hope you've enjoyed this demonstration. It has been super cool having you here on this Webinar and also on Facebook live and yeah see you in the next video. Any comments any questions leave them in the comments below and I will get to them thanks a lot all the best. Chow.

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