Vlogging? Who does that!

Craig Hoggins
May 10, 2016
Social Media

How vlogging can work for your business

Pewdiepie. Joe Sugg. Zoella. Troye Sivan. Caspar Lee. The chances are these names mean little to you. That is if no one in your home is younger than 18. In reality, they are some of the biggest earners on YouTube today.
Vlogging Who does that

In reality, they are some of the biggest earners on YouTube today. They command millions of subscribers and millions of views. By 2017, predictions are that 74% of Internet traffic will be video. The age of video is here, and here to stay.  It has never been easier to create video content. It is quicker than having to read the text. It is not just YouTubers that are vlogging. Some of the industry giants are using it, including Google and Microsoft. Celebrities like Taylor Swift and Jim Carrie speak directly to their fans with a vlog. But what is it? And does it work? Should you be doing it? Simply put, a vlog is a blog that consists primarily of video content. It is self-made, amateur content, and not always the best quality. It is easy to produce. All you need is a video camera or a webcam with a microphone.  It is accessible, shareable, and immediate.

Here are 4 effective ways you can use it in your business:

1. Create product demonstrations.

A vlog is more interactive than a brochure. It is an excellent way to reach customers that want information but do not want to wade through copious text.  It means your customer doesn’t need to leave their home. It can boost their confidence in buying your product online.

2. Record customer testimonials.

A sincere endorsement from a customer is an excellent way of reassuring potential customers. It builds trust in your product or service. Knowing that other users have been happy with your product, reassures them that it is safe to try it.

3. Take the customer behind the scenes.

Create a personal connection with your visitor by taking them behind the scenes. This could take many guises. It could be, “A day in the life of our CEO”  or, “Meet our Designer”. Give your customer insight into how your product gets to them with, “How is it made?”.

4. Answer customer questions.

A vlog is an excellent way of responding to questions from customers. There may be a particular issue that customers have, or perhaps a typical query. You can provide your customer with the answers they are looking for, directly and personally. You can also get information out to customers quickly. As soon as you become aware of something that needs to be addressed, you can create a vlog.

There are many possible ways you could be spending your time and money in your marketing efforts. Does it make sense to be spending some of it on vlogging? How does it work, and does it really work?

Here is why you should do it:

1. Vlogging helps you build a personal connection.

Video is very personal. It creates an emotional connection. Your viewer learns things about you that don’t come across in text. They get to know you. They start to trust you. They are more willing to try your products and services because they are buying from “You” and not a faceless company.

2. Vlogging is interactive and engaging.

Video is a very engaging medium. For that period, you have the attention of your viewer. For a time you are right there, in the room with them. Many visitors prefer video to text. It means that you can expand the audience you are able to reach. And many people retain information better if they have watched it.

3. SEO loves video content.

There are a number of reasons why. SEO loves fresh content. You can keep adding new vlogs to your website. SEO favours video, especially when it is labelled and described correctly. Your vlog makes your page “sticky” and visitors stay for longer.  All of these things help improve your search engine results page ranking.

4. It’s easy!

Vlogging is inexpensive and it is easy to do. You don’t need expensive production material. The informal nature of your content is part of its charm. All you need to do is prepare your content, record, upload and publish. Vlogging can help you to build trust with your customers. It can reassure hesitant buyers. It can help you reach those that prefer video content. You can build brand awareness.

The only question left: Have you started yet?

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