What is a branded communications platform?

Craig Hoggins
November 27, 2014

There's more to the buying process than you think

In short: It is an effective form of content marketing whereby you post valuable engaging, human content on a Company-Branded online platform.
What is a branded communications platform

A platform where you can use a combination of unbiased content and subtle advertising to drive targeted traffic towards your business objectives

How are they used for business?

Internationally, countless companies are using Blogs / Branded communication platforms to attract, engage and convert their target audience. Their focus on providing helpful, non-sales driven information to readers keeps them top of mind as a resource, rather than an advertiser, in the eyes of their fans.

What are the Benefits?

This quote sums it up perfectly - “Traditional marketing talks at people. Content marketing talks with them.” – @DougKessler, Velocity Partners  - However in addition to this a branded communication platform has the following benefits:

Drive Customers to your Website

A Branded Communications Platform is the perfect tool to drive visitors to products, services, contact forms, promotions, and more on your website. The inbound link to your website has a great impact on the search engine optimisation of your website as it sends signals of trust and authority to the search engines allowing them to rank your website higher in searches for your company, services or products.

Brand yourself as an expert

Position yourself and your company in the market as an expert on any given topic. Having too much content describing a product or service on your web page can be overwhelming, whereas a non-intrusive platform providing valuable content, opinions. videos and other useful resources provide customers with the opportunity to continue conversations, eventually building a community around your brand.

Preemptively answer customer questions

Consider some of the most frequently asked questions your clients ask over and over via email or telephonically. Could some of those be answered in a blog post? If so, whats stopping you! The chances are potential customers are asking those same types of questions, and answering them in a place like a blog means the customer will be able to come to you better prepared to complete a transaction. The added benefit is the content you provide answering a popular question acts as a destination page for people who are asking the same question through search engines but don’t know you exist. In essence, you’re providing an answer before they even know the question!

Easily Showcase Company Benefits

This platform is the ideal place to highlight promotions, new products, awards etc. Chances are, you’ve built out your website to remain fairly static in showcasing major components about your company. So where do you put time-sensitive, temporary bits of information? On your Branded Communications platform! Think of it as a great location to stockpile all the information you want to share, but you may not have a great place to feature it.

Increase Your Digital Footprint

As a thought leader in your industry, you are the expert. Have your say and increase your digital footprint by posting valuable content on a regular basis thus increase the number of pages indexed in search engines resulting in more ways your potential clients can find you. And these are just some of the benefits! We have not even mentioned how easy it is to update information.

How can you get one?

We have chosen to run our promotion around this platform as we have seen first hand how effective this type of content marketing can be...

Get your Branded Communications Platform - R7997

We are here to guide you along the way… so Contact Us to get your Branded Communications Platform setup. PS - Feel you don’t have the skills or the internal resources to produce content? Our in-house and network of professional content writers are available to assist.

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