Will Facebook lose users with its new "Create Audience" tool?

Craig Hoggins
September 10, 2012
Social Media

How you can use the "Create Audience" tool

Have you ever thought about the amount of information you allow companies to see once you have opted into their services?
Will Facebook lose users with its new Create Audience tool

This is off the topic now BUT have you seen how Twitter asks you to invite your friends to Facebook linking into your address book directly by the push of a button? Scary isn't it? Scary or clever? You decide! One touch opt-in buttons is very popular on all websites to capture as much client information as possible. In this case, all the contacts in your email.

OK getting back to Facebook's Custom Audience Target option, you can now advertise an ad to a specific audience by customizing that audience to your specific add. If you do not have the desired audience within the parameters of your Facebook Page, you can upload your own database hence it be emails, contact numbers or User ID's to your specific ad campaign. Thus reaching a bigger audience with a stronger return on investment.

The "Create Audience" add on looks something like this: (bare in mind, Facebook changes its mind more than a mother changing a newborn diaper so it will probably still change in the new future)

Create New Audience Tool

Facebook is simply trying to keep its paying clients namely, Advertisers happy and like explained above, by reaching a more specific target market and being able to import their own database they are able to give the advertisers exactly what they need. Will Facebook lose users by implementing this tool? Tell us how you feel about sharing your information with companies paying money to advertise on Facebook?

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