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Google Ads Campaigns

Your audience is constantly searching online for things to do, places to go and products to buy. Google Adwords are the best way to be visible when a person is searching for your product or service offering. With a well-placed Google Ad you can instantly and cost-effectively turn Google users into valuable customers.

Our depth of experience in Search Engine Marketing ensures our tried and tested approach will benefit your business.

Search Engine Marketing & Google Ads Campaigns

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Our 4 step approach is as follows:

  1. Research - we provide keyword research to determine the most suitable keywords for your product or service, targeting research to ensure ads are served to the desired audience and empathy maps so we know all there is to know about your business, product and service offering.
  1. Setup - we set up search and display campaigns, remarketing campaigns and Google Shopping ads.
  1. Monitor - we monitor daily ad performance and provide detailed reporting so you can see exactly how your ad spend is being managed.
  1. Optimize - we ensure ads are always performing at their best by optimizing regularly throughout a campaign. Optimze your campaign further by setting up campaign-specific landing pages.


  • Google Ads campaigns are relatively quick to set up and work instantly
  • Campaigns run across platforms and devices
  • Great for brand awareness - even if your ad is not clicked you still benefit from being visible
  • Instantly get coverage for new products or services to stay ahead of your competition
  • Set up remarketing campaigns to users who have already shown interest in your product or service
  • We are Google Partners and Adwords certified
  • We only recommend Adwords if it will guarantee results for your business
  • We consistently deliver tried and tested results

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