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We create highly engaging and personalized newsletters and promotional emails directly aligned with your marketing and business objectives. Whether you need promotional emails or monthly newsletters we know how to drive the customer journey through professional Email Marketing services.

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Email Marketing Done Right

Done right, Email Marketing is a highly effective tool to engage with your audience. However too many people get it wrong by not following the correct guidelines. Sending mass emails from a standard email account will likely get the domain blacklisted and sending emails to a list that has not opted in without providing the option to unsubscribe is an excellent way to make sure your company gets a bad reputation.

What we do

  • We build Newsletters - by using email marketing platforms such as MailChimp we create, design and manage Email Marketing
  • Set up and manage email service provider accounts - by using accredited email service providers, we ensure the correct sender policy frameworks are in place so you are compliant with all the latest email marketing rules and regulations
  • Monthly Management - we send newsletters and promotional emails on a monthly basis in line with your campaign and marketing objectives
  • Email Marketing list management - we can grow and manage your email marketing lists
  • Automated Emails - we can setup automation via email marketing linked to your online store or CRM such as: product recommendations, abandoned cart emails, order notifications and welcome automation


  • Permission based - email marketing lists are made up of users who have opted in to receive your marketing materials. These tend to be users who are genuinely interested in your brand and are therefore more likely to be engaged with your brand and content
  • Highly personalized - talk directly to your audience and offer valuable content and unique content
  • Serves multiple objectives - through Email Marketing you can educate, inform, drive traffic to your website and engage user in conversation making it a highly valuable platform
  • Instant, cost-effective and highly measurable - one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to reach your audience easily and quickly and get notified immediately of how your audience is responding

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