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Adding a secure SSL certificate to your website is going to have a positive impact on where you appear in Google rankings for organic searches. A secure certificate will also help instill trust between your website and online customers.

Our HTTPS secure services include implementing to your live site, site backup and testing.

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The Importance of SSL

SSL is an encryption technology that secures the connection between your website or web server and a visitor's browser. It protects sensitive data such as passwords or credit card information as it travels across the internet. A secure website will have https:// in the address bar to indicate that it is safe and secure.


  • Google is pushing for all sites to be secure and will index https:// pages first
  • Google marks all non-HTTPS websites as ‘non-secure’ in Google Chrome browser which can be discouraging to users who value security
  • SSL protects against phishing and potential security breaches

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