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LinkedIn is a popular social media platform used to connect people in business. We create targeted LinkedIn ads to help connect your business with a broader online business community and engage with a focussed market of business leaders and operators.

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We create the following types of ads on LinkedIn to promote your marketing and business objectives:

  • Boosted Posts are useful to expand the reach of your regular page posts by boosting them to specific market segments
  • Regular Ads in the form of images and text can be set up to include lead generation functionality to encourage deeper engagement with users on LinkedIn
  • Remarketing Ads are great to re-engage users who have already visited your website
  • Contact Targeting Ads allows you to upload an email database and target specific people on LinkedIn


  • More than 560 million business professionals use LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn is the most popular and widely-used platform for B2B lead generation and sales
  • With great targeting options such as job title, company, industry, seniority, and other useful segments, you can target CEO's, Chairpersons and decision makers directly on LinkedIn

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