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Website Audits

Our comprehensive website User Experience (UX) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) audits play a key role in determining the areas where improvements can have the most impact. We assess how easy it is for users to successfully navigate your website, how favorable search engine metadata is, backlink trust factors, content and copy relevance and visual layout and branding.

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Start with an Audit

Why do I need an audit?

By assessing your current digital assets, be it a website, app or social media presence we get a good indication of where improvements can be made to better align your digital presence to your business objectives.

Our audits include the following:

  • User Experience Design plays a crucial role in determining how easy it is for users to find relevant information on your website and to take the critical steps to complete the tasks required to convert visitors to paying customers.
  • Assessing Search Engine Optimization is essential in evaluating how favorably a website will appear in search engine results. We look at navigation, heading tags, metadata, content structure, sitemaps and so on to determine whether the elements are correctly engineered for best SEO results.
  • By evaluating content and wording on a website, app or in social media we can assess how easy easy it is for users to understand your service of product offering and whether users are successfully lead down a sales path or conversion funnel.
  • Competition Research and Backlinks audit investigates where your competition is getting their backlinks from and defines a strategy to get ahead in SEO rankings.
  • An effective visual layout and branding is essential to generating consistency and confidence in your brand and business.

Advantages to having a website audit

  • Improve the overall user experience on your website, app and across your digital and social media assets
  • Improve your SEO strategy with a SEO website audit
  • Identify and correct potential issues and weaknesses across your website
  • Find new opportunities for business growth
  • Increase your organic SEO ranking
  • Improve content across your digital assets to be more in line with your overall business objectives
  • Increase sales and encourage customer retention
  • Improve website speed and performance

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