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Wordpress is a powerful, easy-to use and open-source Content Management System (CMS). It's estimated that almost 30% of the internet is built on Wordpress. At OMG, we use Wordpress to design and develop beautiful websites that are user friendly, browser compatible and can be viewed seamlessly across mobile phones and devices.

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Why Wordpress?

As a content management system, Wordpress comes packaged with a number of useful features which allows us to efficiently build websites that adhere to industry standards. Through the use of themes, plugins and integrations, we can expand functionality to include all that can be expected of a modern website to ensure your business and brand has an optimum digital presence.


  • Easily make changes to your website from any computer or mobile device
  • Search engines such as Google love WordPress websites as they are SEO friendly and perfect for page indexing
  • Wordpress websites are responsive and work across mobile phones and devices
  • New features and functionality can be easily integrated so your website grows with your business

We build Wordpress websites and offer maintenance services to ensure your website is kept up to date, security measures and backups are maintained.

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