Google reviews? Do I need them?

Craig Hoggins
March 18, 2014

Why your clients should be doing Google reviews

Google relies on a number of channels for signals to verify if your company is legitimate and secondly to determine whether your company provides a high-quality service or not.
Google reviews? Do I need them?

There are two primary reasons why this will benefit your business, on and offline:

  1. Google uses reviews to rate your services.
  2. People use reviews to rate your services.

Google reviews are one of those integrity and trust channels that are currently being used by Google. It, therefore, makes perfect sense to be targeting this channel. A bad review is like a nail in your businesses online marketing coffin. Manage to rack up enough bad reviews and your online fate is sealed. Inversely, rack up a long list of 4-5 star reviews from clients and your position in the search engine results pages will rise consistently. It makes perfect sense to use reviews as one of the signals because the reviews are coming from people who have found your services probably through the search results. They dealt with you, bought a product or service offered, have used the product or service and liked or loved it.

Train your Customer

Clients, however, will not normally do a review without being asked. They move along quite happily without it crossing their minds. It, therefore, becomes part of your sales blueprint to complete the sales cycle with a follow up with the client to find out how if they are happy or not. One out of ten unhappy clients will actually make a fuss over what they felt was bad service or poor quality products. They will, however, tell everyone else how bad the services were. Why not optimize your return business by inviting them to do a review? Or if there is a problem, you will have knowledge of the problem and will be able to resolve the issue. We made this infographic for you to use as a way to train your clients on how to do a review on the Google Local Business network. It’s really easy to do once you know how!

How to Write a Google Review

Below is an infographic put together for easy instructions. Share this page to inform your clients.

How to write a google review
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