Weekly discoveries 19 April 2013

Craig Hoggins
April 19, 2013

What we discovered this week...

I’m sure you've heard the phrase “The Age of Austerity” being bandied around by media commentators this year. We’re embarking on an age of penny-pinching and bargain hunting.
Weekly discoveries 19 April 2013

Devon Discovery: Decide.com

Decide.com has positioned itself perfectly with the times. It’s a website and a free iPhone app that helps you make those big electronics purchases at the right price at the right time. In other words, Decide.com uses clever prediction algorithms to warn you if the price of any given electrical product is about to drop, increase, stay the same, or if a new model is about to be released. So you’ll know exactly when to buy that camera, laptop, smartphone or plasma TV you’ve been itching to get your hands on. It’s a great tool, and our users agree, voting it one of the coolest websites of the year.

Justin Discovery: hellosocial.com

Hello Social is a brand new startup which offers brands and businesses powerful tools for running contests and sweepstakes on Facebook, or via their own websites, and provides a powerful toolset packed with intelligent analytics to help identify trends emerging within those campaigns to drive engagement and improve conversion rates. You can tailor the campaign by age and specify the data that you would like to collect. This is a powerful Lead Generation tool to add to your arsenal.

Elton Discovery: Feedly.com

With all the talk of Google Reader shutting down, one tool that really came up a lot is RSS Feed reader Feedly. Feedly also organizes your feeds in an easier to read manner. You can quickly swift through your unread feed items and it truly does feel a bit like a magazine.

Discovery: Disconnect.me

Disconnect.me is an awesome service invented or created by an ex-Google employee. It makes the internet faster by blocking unwanted scripts and trackers from various sites such as Advertising, Analytics, Social and certain content thereby saving you bandwidth, time and speeds up your computer by sending out fewer requests. It comes in the form of a plugin for Chrome and probably Firefox as well. As the website says “disconnect puts you in control of your data”.

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