What does Facebook graph search mean?

Craig Hoggins
January 10, 2017
Social Media

How do Facebook graphs work?

Facebook graph search is about to go live, well not really now but soon, just after the storm resides and the complaining of privacy issues go away.
What does Facebook graph search mean?

Usually, they announce a really intrusive function on Facebook, then they give it a few days before they implement it site-wide. After that people complain about the new functions for a while and say how annoying it is and then after a while, they join in and make that function work for Facebook.Facebook is about to compete in what is the future of search, yes, someone gave Facebook a wake-up call and told them hyperlocal is not only the future of search but of the entire internet. Hyperlocal is the future. Obviously, they knew this secretly. They just didn't make it that obvious Hyperlocal basically means here and now.

Here and now defies the future of the internet and the future of how we live. Not only will search engines and social networks focus on right here, right now but humans will start to live from the here and now. You will see your friends go to places that their friends "like", a simple turn in direction or path walked can change the way you live, affect the places you go and you can influence others or set off chain reactions by clicking a simple "like" button.

Social media and social search, the opinion of others will drive towns and create new popular locations. The internet, here and now is the future of not just the internet but of how civilization will one day work. Right here right now, it's almost like Fatboy slim had an epiphany of the future when he sang "right here, right now" back in 1999.

The Facebook graph works in a way of a search engine but instead of returning normal results for your search keyword Facebook graph search returns your friends and which of them has the same interests as you. Not entirely hyperlocal so to speak but if you see where this all is heading to you can see that they are heading the hyperlocal direction. Hyperlocal = Here + Now + InternetFacebook is starting the hyperlocal locomotive from the viewpoint of the "where" which later becomes the now for the one that does the searching.

What is the person searching for? Restaurants. Facebook graph search would return a list of your "friends" that like the same restaurants. Upon seeing a list of your friends and the restaurants they all like you will most likely decide upon a restaurant to go to yourself. Upon searching for "music my friends like" you will get a list of music your friends have in their profiles. Music pages they "like" will show you.

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