Organic SEO Case Study: Print Canvas monthly organic visits grows with 500%

Craig Hoggins
November 6, 2012
Search Engine Optimization

How your website can consistently rank page 1 on Google

Finding new business is what keeps business owners awake at night. Part of this dilemma is how to use search engines in order to drive traffic and leads to their business.
How your website can consistently rank page 1 on Google

An easy and simple way to do it is to spend lots of money on Google Adwords pay-per-click advertising (PPC). But the big money spent does not always equal loads of sales. A better long-term strategy for a business is to invest in organic search engine optimization (SEO) to get consistently ranked on page 1 in Google and found by clients searching for your services or products. According to Google users, organic search wins 94% of the time when it comes to searching online.

The Challenge

When Print Canvas came to Online Marketing Guys to help with their online strategy, they were struggling with five issues:

  • They had previously spent a lot of money with a SEO Company who did not deliver on results.
  • They were ranking in 100+ position of search engine results so people searching for their product were not finding them.
  • On page SEO on the website was not in place.
  • Very little backlinks to the home page
  • No Blog installed on the website where they could load fresh content weekly.
Google Analytics Graphc

The Solution

  • Online Marketing Guys did extensive research to find the correct keywords for Print Canvases long-term organic strategy.
  • The next step was to fix the on page SEO problem they were faced with on their website.
  • We loaded a Blog onto the website where Print Canvas can post their own fresh content when they feel like it.
  • Online Marketing Guys created fresh content daily with back links providing the “juice” that made Print Canvas reach number 1 in Google for “canvas printing” and many other key words. This content was found and shared by people on the internet creating more and more links.

The Results

  • Within 1 year the improved website was being consistently ranked in position 1 on Google for the search term “print canvas” and many others.
  • New monthly visits jumped from 107 to 625 – that is a staggering 500% growth.
  • Online Marketing Guys constantly loaded fresh content with backlinks, in the right places online which gives Print Canvas the competitive edge they need to stay on Page One of Google results.

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